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Fresh Cream 300g

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Fresh cream is made from fresh cow’s milk, and it’s thick with a smooth texture. The cream is extremely rich, and it enhances the flavor of any food you add it to. Also, it’s highly nutritious and an excellent addition to your healthy diet.


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Fresh cream is made from fresh whole cow’s milk, and it’s an incredibly soft and smooth cream. You can use it to flavor curries, soups, and desserts. In Middle Eastern cuisine, it is used for making a variety of desserts, pastries, dips, and dishes. One popular dessert in which the fresh cream can be used as a filling is Kunafa. Fresh cream is also great on bread, crackers, pies, and other pastries. And since it doesn’t have much flavor, you can blend it with other ingredients like spices and herbs to enhance its taste. It’s a cream you can add to any recipe for creaminess. Besides that, it contains a lot of nutrients known to help support heart heathy and guard the body against diseases.