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Martoo Points (How it works)

Knowing that acts as a pure market player that follows a well-structured, profitable D2C strategy, it ensures to provide you with high-margin F&B products and goods. However, the good news is, all saved profit is not stocked and reserved for Martoo’s own spending; it is safely returned back to our customers’ pockets! And this is only achieved through our Martoo points-based purchasing system.

The more you buy, the more points you earn, the more you actually save money.

Martoo points system is quite simple: you can effortlessly collect Martoo points doing basic, online activities.

You can earn 100 Martoo Points by:
– Registering up and getting ready to embark on the Martoo journey!
– Referring Martoo to a friend through simply sharing our link.
You can save money and partially/ totally use your Martoo Points by:
– Ordering
– Purchasing
How easy is this?