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About Us

“Persistently striving to deliver high-quality goods to every household with a smile, while offering an exceptional, authentic customer-centric experience—never to be forgotten.” has a consumer-based policy, constantly bearing customers’ needs and requirements in mind. Thus, we present to you an online grocery store, well-adapted to a fast-paced, accelerating world through providing a swift shopping experience, customized to draw a bright, shiny smile on your face, wherever you are! allows you to leave the old troubles of grocery shopping with its high costs and its difficulty to find the right, reliable B2B service providers, only to welcome a simple, unstrained method for seeking out staple, high-quality goods. You can now shop for all of your sustenance and grocery needs at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Direct Consumer Strategy (D2C)

With the thrill of the purchase at your own convenience, is a fast, online solution to all the problems raised above, delivering price-convenient, first-rate, fresh grocery to every locale. starts off with the newly emerging D2C strategy. Initially keeping customer interests in mind, and bypassing conventional, time-consuming, costly methods of dealing with distributors, wholesalers, or retailers, in Martoo, we aim to provide you with our own manufactured, personalized products, in addition to other luxury brands as well, through our highly engaging online platforms.

Saving Money / Loyalty Program: Martoo Points

Our strategy allows us to meet our primary goals, which include: creating a customer-based loyalty system (through Martoo Points), streamlining operations for greater speed, and creating an outstandingly engaging customer experience., save money and get all that you require, when you require, from a comfortable doorstep.

Product development

Martoo’s key development relies mainly on customer feedback, as we greatly value customer satisfaction, striving to expand our customer base, initially through building clear foundations of trust. Our products are also enhanced through our cooperation-oriented policy, where customizing products, in particular, is highly encouraged, according to customer needs. In addition, constantly receiving important feedback, opinions, and observations on our products support the development and diversification of goods.