Kalamata Greek Olive Whole Jumbo 300g

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Kalamata Greek Olives are large olives with a sweet and slightly bitter taste and smooth texture. They are mainly used as a topping on pizzas and salads and as a side dish in Middle Eastern cuisine.


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Kalamata Greek Olives are large olives that are grown in the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece. The olives are hand-picked and carefully selected by farmers to ensure quality. The large olives have a sweet and slightly bitter taste, and when they are ripe, they can be eaten on their own or with Feta cheese. In Middle Eastern cuisine, the olives are marinated with spices and herbs and served as a side dish. There is a lot you can do with these olives. You can add them to pizzas and salads or combine them with other ingredients. They go well with cheese, tomatoes, red onions, and basil. You can choose to mix them with any other ingredients depending on your recipe. On top of that, the olives contain nutrients known to improve memory, make the skin soft, and help with digestion. If you want to keep the olives fresh for a long time, put them in olive oil and refrigerate them.