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Longan Thailand Approx 500g per pack

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Longan Thailand fruit is a tropical fruit likened to lychee. It is small, sweet, and super juicy. Longan is often consumed fresh and is also used in Asian desserts, savory dishes, and soups. 


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Longan is a small fruit that is often confused with lychee. The two have a different exterior appearance, but inside they both have a pale white, sweet, and juicy flesh. Longan is often used in making desserts, soups, savory dishes, and even snacks. You can also add it to a fruit or vegetable salad. The small fruit is also excellent for making fruit juices and smoothies. It blends well with a variety of fruits and herbs, and you can also toss the delicious sweet pulp into a veggie or meat stew, rice dish, or soup. The fruit pairs well with just about any ingredient. It’s a great fruit to have in your home when you need to add sweetness to your dish, salad, or dessert, and it’s a prime source of Vitamin C and potassium.

  • Crack the shell with a hard object like a knife. Remove the shell and use as desired.

  • Store in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight.