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Microwavable Round Container With Lid 5pcs x1 pack (250cc)

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This disposable Microwavable Round Container With Lid is very convenient with the size 250ml x 5pcs. This food container is a perfect design for takeaway food and use it to keep organize the food.


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Weight 5pcs x1 pack (250cc)
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Order Microwavable Round Container from Martoo online grocery shopping. The best online store with the highest quality products and great deals. This disposable Microwavable Round Container made in high quality of material and durable. This is valuable to keep in your home and use it if you have any food to preserve and to keep organize. Perfect for any party, birthday, wedding, and outing to use as takeaway food. It's very convenient to have this disposable container and it's microwavable. Don't forget to stock in your cupboard. Check our website for more Disposable items and get exclusive offers and deals. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!