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Black Base Containers Round With Lid 5pcs x 24 oz

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These round containers are perfect for storing a wide range of food items such as salads, sandwiches, snacks and desserts. The containers feature a tight-fitting lid that keeps food fresh and secure, preventing leaks and spills.


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Weight 5pcs x 24 oz
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Introducing the Hotpack Black Base Containers Round with Lid, a sleek and functional storage solution designed to elevate your kitchen organization. Available exclusively on Martoo online, this set of 5 round containers, each with a capacity of 24oz, combines style with practicality to keep your culinary creations fresh and well-preserved. Enhance kitchen efficiency with Hotpack Black Base Containers Round with Lid 5x24oz. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts and organizers, combining style and practicality for food storage solutions. Secure your set of Hotpack Black Base Containers Round with Lid 5x24oz today, exclusively available on Martoo online. Embrace Hotpack's contemporary elegance and reliable functionality. Experience ease and convenience with stylish, efficient storage options at your fingertips. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!