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Guava Juice 1.5 Ltr

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Discover the delightful Al Rawabi Guava Juice 1.5Ltr at Martoo Online. Immerse yourself in the naturally sweet and tropical taste of guavas for a refreshing and exotic beverage.


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If you are craving for some sweet and juicy drink, why wait? Try our Al Rawabi Guava juice today. All the juices by Al Rawabi made from fresh fruits and free from artificial colors and flavors. Enjoy a beverage that's not only delicious but also packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.  Al Rawabi Guava Juice is a wholesome choice for a refreshing and revitalizing drink. Martoo online grocery store offers a variety of fruit juices from Al Rawabi. This selection includes Orange juice Mango Juice Apple juice Red Grape juice Lemonade Juice Lemon and Mint juice Fruit and Cocktail juice Health Benefits: Guava juice is an excellent source of fiber. It restores bowel movements and prevents constipation. Boost your immunity. Embark on a journey of tropical delight with Al Rawabi Guava Juice 1.5Ltr, a naturally sweet choice exclusively available through Martoo Online. This guava juice captures the essence of succulent guavas, offering a refreshing and exotic escape in every sip. Order online and Experience the sweetness of tropical guavas with Al Rawabi Guava Juice 1.5Ltr, exclusively available on Martoo Online. Immerse yourself in the refreshing taste of ripe guavas and enjoy an exotic and revitalizing moment of tropical goodness. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the tropics. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!