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Galaxy Minis Hazelnut Chocolate 237.5g

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Experience the delightful Galaxy Minis Hazelnut Chocolate 237.5g, available on Martoo online. Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of smooth chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts for a truly indulgent treat.


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Savor the perfect combination of flavors with Galaxy Minis Hazelnut Chocolate 237.5g, exclusively featured on Martoo online. These mini chocolate delights offer a balance of velvety-smooth chocolate and the satisfying crunch of hazelnuts. Indulge in the irresistible crunch of hazelnuts that complements the chocolate, creating a delightful contrast of textures and flavors in every bite. These mini chocolates are perfect for snacking, sharing, or simply enjoying a moment of pure indulgence. Their size makes them versatile for various occasions. Experience the nutty indulgence of Galaxy Minis Hazelnut Chocolate 237.5g. Order now on Martoo online and relish the harmonious fusion of flavors and textures in each mini bite. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!

Milk Chocolate (containing at least 25% cocoa solids, 14% milk solids at least, Non Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (palm oil less than 5%), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin E322), Natural Vanilla Flavour), Hazelnuts, Emulsifier from castor oil (PGPR E476).