Deglet Nour Dates 250g

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Deglet Nour dates are soft, succulent dates with a honey-like taste and chewy texture. The light brown dates come from Tolga, an inland oasis in Algeria, and they are perfect as a snack or when added to desserts, pastries, milkshakes, and dips.


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Deglet Nour dates are cultivated in an oasis in Algeria called Tolga, and they are large, light brown dates that taste like honey and are quite chewy. They are often eaten as a snack in the Middle East and used as an ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. You can make a variety of foods and dishes using these dates like cakes, muffins, cookies, and chicken dishes. You can also combine them with other ingredients to make sweet and refreshing milkshakes and smoothies. They are also great for making spreads and dips you can eat with fruits, vegetable sticks, or chips. The dates are highly nutritious and a prime source of essential vitamins and minerals, which are good for the heart, brain, skin, and hair.