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Cheese Mix Nuts 250gm

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Discover the delightful blend of Al Dafrah Cheese Mix Nuts 250g with Olive Oil and Spices, exclusively at Martoo Online. Elevate your dishes with this gourmet cheese mix infused with wholesome nuts, rich olive oil, and aromatic spices. Order now for a burst of nutty culinary indulgence!


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Embark on nutty flavor journey with 250g Al Dafrah Cheese Mix Nuts in Olive Oil and Spices, exclusively on Martoo Online. Meticulously crafted mix features high-quality olive oil, infused with wholesome nuts and aromatic spices, creating a flavorful gourmet fusion. Experience the richness of wholesome nuts, harmonizing with the cheese and spices, creating a flavorful and satisfying gourmet delight. From appetizers to gourmet spreads, this cheese mix elevates your dishes with its nutty flavor, luxurious texture, and the wholesome essence of nuts. Martoo Online is your destination for gourmet indulgence, and our Al Dafrah Cheese Mix Nuts embodies that commitment. Elevate your culinary experiences with the convenience of our user-friendly online platform. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!