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Aseel Pure Butter Ghee 800 g

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Aseel Pure Butter Ghee is a high-quality, traditional cooking oil made from pure, 100% pure butter. Rich in healthy fats, naturally lactose and casein-free. Suitable for lactose intolerant or dairy-allergic individuals seeking a healthier option.


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Weight 800 g
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Experience the unparalleled richness of Aseel Pure Butter Ghee 800g, a culinary treasure now at your fingertips through Martoo online. Crafted with care and tradition, this premium ghee encapsulates the essence of pure dairy goodness, elevating your cooking to new heights of flavor and aroma. Whether you're a home cook or an aspiring chef, Aseel Pure Butter Ghee 800g is your gateway to culinary excellence. Elevate your dishes with the richness of authentic ghee and savor the pure taste of tradition in every bite. Secure your Aseel Pure Butter Ghee 800g today, available exclusively on Martoo online. Elevate your cooking to gourmet levels with the pure dairy magic of Aseel, and let the sumptuous aroma and taste of buttery perfection transform your culinary creations. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!