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Fresh Rocca Leaves or Arugula is a green leafy vegetable with a sweet and peppery flavor. In addition, they are excellent in vegetable salads, vegetable stews, meat stews, and other dishes.


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Rocca Leaves are in the same class with kale and cauliflower. They are great in vegetable salads and stews. They also make for an excellent side dish for meat dishes. Rocca leaves are pretty popular in the Middle East. They are the main ingredient in Jarjeer salad, a traditional Arabic salad that is well-loved. In the Mediterranean and the US, Arugula leaves are used as an ingredient in pasta dishes. Since they are easy to make and blend well with a wide range of ingredients, you can use Rocca Leaves in various dishes. The leaves are an excellent substitute for basil, owing to their sweet and peppery flavor. Rocca Leaves are highly nutritious and a prime source of Vitamins A and C, iron, copper, and other essential minerals. They are said to help boost the immune system, heart health, healthy bones, aid in digestion, clear the skin, and detox the body.

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  • Rinse the leaves and cut into if needed or cook whole.

  • Wrap in a paper towel, place in a plastic bag and refrigerate