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Liquid Hand Soap with Amber-Rose, Honey-Cotton Flower, Aqua-Sea Breeze, Lavender-Neroli and Olive-Bergamot Offer 400ml x 5

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Explore Peros Liquid Hand Soap Offer 5x400ml at Martoo Online. Elevate your hand care routine with five luxurious scents including Amber-Rose, Honey Cotton Flower, Aqua Sea Breeze, Lavender with Neroli, and Olive with Bergamot. Order now!


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Weight 400ml x 5
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Discover Peros Liquid Hand Soap Offer 5x400ml: Indulgent hand care with five captivating scents. Exclusively at Martoo Online. Get five 400ml bottles for nourishing, pampering, and refreshing hand care. Order now to elevate your handwashing routine. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, this hand soap helps to keep your skin hydrated and comfortable after each wash. Apply a small amount of soap to your wet hands, lather, and rinse thoroughly for a refreshing cleanse. Experience the delight of pampered and fragrant hands with Peros Liquid Hand Soap Offer 5x400ml. Order now from Martoo Online and enjoy the convenience of nourishing hand care with a choice of captivating scents. Trust in the quality of Martoo's offerings, available online. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!