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Facial Tissues Soft Single 1 x 1000 tissues

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Discover the ultimate comfort and gentle care for your skin with Ghena Facial Soft Tissues Single Pack. Get 1000 sheets of premium, ultra-soft tissues for your everyday needs. Order now on Martoo Online and experience luxury for your skin.


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SKU 980-E
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Weight 1 x 1000 tissues
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Discover Ghena Facial Soft Tissues Single Pack – your ultimate solution for unmatched skin comfort and care. Enjoy 1000 sheets of pure indulgence, exclusively at Martoo Online. Ghena Facial Soft Tissues are crafted with the utmost attention to softness, ensuring a gentle touch on your skin. Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort, and say hello to a soothing caress. Experience the ultimate fusion of luxury and functionality with Ghena Facial Soft Tissues. Elevate your daily routine with the softest touch and indulge in the premium quality that Martoo Online exclusively offers. Add the Ghena Facial Soft Tissues Single Pack to your cart now and enjoy a new standard of comfort for your skin. Order now and transform the way you care for your skin with Ghena and Martoo Online.