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Frozen Green Peas 2.5kg

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Frozen Green Peas is perfect for ingredients to make delicious dish or you can sauteed with butter. Green Peas has contain nutrients include vitamin C, folate and vitamin B1.


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Weight 2.5kg
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Order Frozen Green Peas from Martoo online grocery shopping. The best online store with the highest quality products and great deals. Frozen green peas have same nutrients from fresh green peas. It contain nutrients include vitamin C, folate and vitamin B1. Additionally, peas are also high in fiber. A tiny green peas but superfood to help our body to supply numerous of nutrient we need. Add to your list for healthy living and it helps to loose your weight. Don't miss this offer from Martoo online. You can make delicious meal and mix in your main dish or side dish. Frozen green peas is one of superstar ingredients we need or mostly they using. Let's cook green peas curry, soup, salad, and many more. Available from Martoo online and get exclusive offer and deals. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!