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Softener with Fresh Flower, Lavender and Rose Offer 1 Ltr x 3

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Discover Peros Fabric Softener Offer 3x1Ltr at Martoo Online. Experience the luxurious softness and delightful scents of Fresh Flowers, Lavender, and Rose. Order now!


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Weight 1 Ltr x 3
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Introducing Peros Fabric Softener Offer 3x1Ltr, your gateway to luxurious softness and enchanting scents for your laundry. Exclusively at Martoo Online, this offer presents three 1L bottles of fabric softener, delivering both delightful fragrances and soft, cozy fabrics. Suitable for a variety of fabrics, from clothes to linens, Peros Fabric Softener adds an extra layer of comfort to your daily routine. Simply add the softener to your washing machine's designated compartment during the rinse cycle for effortless softening and fragrance infusion. Indulge in the luxury of soft, fragrant fabrics with Peros Fabric Softener Offer 3x1Ltr. Order now at Martoo Online to enjoy Fresh Flowers, Lavender, and Rose-scented laundry, wrapping you in comfort and charm. Trust in the quality of Martoo's offerings, available online. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!