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Amazon Mango Instant Juice Powder Offer 2.25 Kg x 2

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Experience succulent mango taste with Amazon Foods Mango Instant Juice Powder – 2×2.25kg packs special offer, exclusively on Martoo.


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Weight 2.25 Kg x 2
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Discover the irresistible taste of tropical indulgence with Amazon Foods Mango Instant Juice Powder, now available in a special offer of 2x2.25kg packs on Martoo. Elevate your refreshment experience with this convenient and versatile mango juice powder that captures the essence of real mangoes. Capture real mango essence with unique mango juice powder. Satisfy cravings for beloved tropical fruit's luscious sweetness conveniently. With two generous packs, you have a bounty of mango flavor ready to transform your drinks. Amazon Foods Mango Instant Juice Powder is a testament to convenience without compromising on taste. Elevate your refreshment game with the tropical allure of mangoes. Order your 2x2.25kg packs exclusively from Martoo online and immerse yourself in the delectable world of mango flavors, whenever and wherever you desire. Martoo Online Grocery Store - Quality Food Products at Unbeatable Prices!