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Amazon Black Tea, Tea Bags 2g x 125

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Amazon Black Tea Bags can make you a rich, full-bodied cup of tea in minutes. They are blended using expertly selected tea leaves. Furthermore, the tea is robust and flavorful.


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Weight 2g x 125
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Amazon Black Tea Bags provide you with a top-notch, to-die-for cup of black tea. You can sip on this amazing cup while having a quick bite during those greatly needed tea breaks at work. You can also quickly fix this hot beverage as soon as you come back home, at a time when all you need to do is sit back and take a breather! With countless health benefits, this tea is a must-have in every home following a healthy, fit lifestyle. With a good amount of beneficial nutrients like amino acids and minerals, this black tea is a stress buster, relieving you from all kinds of mental pain, boosting up your blood flow, and eliminating all toxins out the window. Once you drop Amazon Black Tea Bags into your boiling cup, the tasty black tea flavor will swiftly emerge only to give you a cup of tea you will never forget! Buy Amazon Black Tea Bags online.

Amount per 100 ml2 KJ/< 1 Kcal
Energy0.1 g
Protein0 g
Carbohydrate0 g
Sugar0 g
Total Fat0 g
Fiber0 g
Sodium0 g

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Brand: Al Meras Tea Filling Factory, UAE

  • Use a bag of tea for each cup.

  • Add boiling water and leave it for a minute or two.

  • After that, you may add lemon, milk or mint.

Black Tea