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فلفل ألوان مشكلة عمان Approx 500g per pack

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أستمتع بهدية الطبيعة يعتبر الفلفل الملون البارد إضافة رائعة لوجباتك اليومية. يمنحك لمسة من النكهة واللون ستشتهيه عينك قبل تذوقه, ويوفر فوائد صحية قيمة. قم بتجربة مختلف الأصناف الان واستمتع بتناول الطعام الصحي واللذيذ في آن واحد


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رمز المنتج (SKU) A-297MCO500g
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الوزن Approx 500g per pack
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Mixed Capsicum is a variety of different colored bell peppers you can use in your dishes. They consist of green, red, and yellow bell peppers. The red and yellow bell peppers can be consumed raw because they have a sweet taste which makes them great for salads. The green capsicums have a slightly bitter taste to them and they are best cooked. You can use the capsicums in a variety of dishes like casseroles, pies, lasagna, and you can also stuff them with your favorite ingredients like meat and rice and bake them. There are many ways you can cook bell peppers. You can stew, fry, roast, and bake them. They go well with all kinds of ingredients which makes them versatile and convenient. The capsicums are freshly picked and hand-packed. They are sourced from our best farms and are highly nutritious. Capsicums contain antioxidants, Vitamin C and K as well as other essential vitamins and minerals known to boost the immune system, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost skin health.

  • Remove the top of the capsicum using a sharp knife.

  • Cut it in half, remove the membrane and seeds, then slice the capsicum to your desired size.

  • Add to your recipes.

  • Place the capsicum in a plastic bag, seal it properly and refrigerate.