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الجبنة النّابلسية مع حبة البركة 500 غ 500 gm

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الجبنة النابلسية هي جبنة مشتقة من الحليب البقري كامل الدّسم، تشتهر في المطبخ الشرقي وعادةً ما تؤكل مع الخبز أو توضع في المأكولات الأخرى كالسلطات والمعجنات والأطباق الشهية.


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الوزن 500 gm
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Naboulsi cheese is a flavorful and tasty cheese made from 100% fresh milk. It’s seasoned with salt and mixed with fennel flower seeds referred to as Baraka seeds. It’s a semi-hard cheese matured in brine, and it’s often eaten fresh. You can use it as a substitute for cheddar cheese, and it’s pretty versatile. In Middle Eastern cuisine, it is commonly used for making Knafeh, a popular dessert usually layered with nuts. You can also use it to make sweet pastries for parties and get-togethers. You can also cook it in oil or use it on bread or pies. It’s also fantastic in salads and dishes. The cheese is nutritious. It’s a prime source of protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients known to help boost bone health and the immune system.